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  • DIY Pellet & Treat Mix | Maranatha Aviaries | Brisbane Breeder

    MAKE YOUR OWN DIY PELLET & TREAT MIX A great diet can bring out the very best in your bird, but in the plethora of products to choose from, how do we know what is really the best for our parrot? ​ We've curated an easy to make, low prep pellet and treat mix recipe you can buy at your local Woolworths or Coles and make in minutes. It is so versatile and easy to adapt to whatever you have available, don't stress if you don't have all the ingredients below, just improvise! Add other things in, leave some things out, it's really up to you. You can always make it a little bit different every time! ​ You will need: 4kg of mixed pellets: Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini , Vetafarm Maintenance , Vetafarm South American , Tropican Lifetime , Zupreem Fruitblend Small 120g Slivered Almonds 300g Natural Pepitas 200g Coconut Flakes 500g Natural Sunflower Kernels 300g Banana Chips 200g Dried Diced Apricots 200g Hemp Seeds 200g Cashew Pieces 1kg Mixed Fruit Pieces 300g Pine Nuts ​ Mix together in a large bowl. Will yield approximately 7.5kg of mixed pellets. Store in airtight container in cool, dry place. At Maranatha Aviaries, we wean our babies onto this mix, and it also forms the basis of our pet birds' diet as well. It is best suited for indoor birds, in an outdoor cage or aviary you would need to only supply what each cage needs daily, as the fruit and nut components tend to spoil quickly and attract ants. ​ Depending on the size and quantity of birds, you can provide 2 tablespoons daily and increase per bird. ​ While this mix is great for exposing your bird to a variety of different textures, tastes and nutrients, it shouldn't comprise of the entire diet. To read more about why balanced nutrition is so important for your bird, read here.

  • Aviary Birds For Sale | Maranatha Aviaries | Brisbane Bird Breeder

    aviary birds for sale We specialise in premium colour mutations for both breeding purposes and hand raised companions. Our aviary birds are either DNA or nest sexed and come with DNA certificate if applicable, information on genetic parentage, known and possible splits and any available breeding history. Viewing of birds is by appointment only, which can be made through our contact page, Facebook page or calling 0423 470 041 . All prices are subject to change at our discretion, dependant on availability and market pricing, and our p rices are non-negotiable with the exception of multiple pairs. ​ Freight is available to most major airports via Virgin Australia and Qantas (regional), to read more about what is involved in air freighting, read here. ​ Where You Can Find Us: BIRD SALES We are too busy raising babies to get out and about at this time. See you in the new year! Last Updated: 5th December 2023 ​ green cheeked conures ​Available Now: 2020 SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple Hen (proven breeder) $450 Breeding history and DNA certificate available. ​ 2019 SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple Hen (proven breeder) $450 Breeding history and DNA certificate available. ​ 2021 SF Violet Turquoise Opaline / Cinnamon cock. $450​​ Related to two SFVTP hens above. Can pair with 2023 SFVTOp below. ​ 2022 High Red Pineapple hen $250 ​ 2019 Green Opaline / Turquoise cock $200 Can pair with high red pineapple. ​ Available later in the season: 2023 SF Violet Turquoise Opaline hens x2, currently being parent raised. $450 each. Can make unrelated pairs. ​ 2019 DF Violet Turquoise Opaline cock and Turquoise hen (estimated 2-3 year old) $1000 Great parents, babies are beautiful colouring and temperament for handraising as companions. Raising two babies (above) perfectly. ​ quakers ​Pairs 2019 Cobalt / Opaline cock x 2022 Green Opaline / Blue hen​​​​ $1800 Bonded but not proven. Cock proven with different hen, lineage has produced opalines. DNA certificate available for hen and breeding history for cock. Breed 8 colours: 4 colours of visual opalines and 4 colours of visual normals (males splits) in both sexes. ​ 2022 Green / ino / Blue cock x 2022 Blue Pallid hen $1200 Proven and raising their second clutch this season. Breed 6 colours: albinos, lutinos, green and blue pallidinos, and green and blue normals.​ ​ 2022 Green Pallidino / Blue x 2022 Cobalt $1500 Bonding and in the same cage together, not proven. Hen DNA sexed with certificate, cockbird is pallidino so definite male. Breed 10 colours. Great mix for selling offspring as hand reared pets. ​ Singles 2020 Blue / Pallid cock Dark Green / Pallid / Blue (proven breeder) cock ​ 2022 Cocks Cobalt Pallid Green / Pallid / Blue Blue Opaline Cobalt / Pallid / poss Opaline Blue / Pallid / Opaline Cobalt / Pallid Cobalt / ino ​ 2022 Hens Dark Green / poss Blue Dark Green Pallid / poss Blue Green Pallid / poss Blue ​

  • Handraised Birds For Sale | Maranatha Aviaries | Brisbane Bird Breeder

    Handraised Birds for Sale Our birds We take great pride in providing high quality, companion parrots for all ages and the exceptional support and guidance you need. Viewing of birds is by appointment only, which can be made through our contact page, Facebook page or calling 0423 470 041 . ​ We breed conures and quakers for both pets and aviary breeding, and specialise in premium colour mutations. If you are looking bird which is not yet available, subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of updates, or visit our Facebook page for up to date pictures and news. ​ A non-refundable $100 deposit is required per bird to secure your bird prior to weaning. You will be supplied with a receipt as proof of payment. The remainder of the balance is required before the bird goes home. All prices are subject to change at our discretion, dependant on availability and market pricing, however a quoted price is locked in from the time of deposit and will not increase. We do not sell any unweaned or juvenile birds, and here is why . ​ Freight is available to most major airports via Virgin Australia and Qantas (regional), to read more about what is involved in air freighting, click here . ​ All our birds are handraised in a loving family home and are well adjusted to busy households. Handraised babies are sold DNA tested, closed leg banded and come with an information pack including certificates, care information brochure, three samples of food (pellet mix, sprout mix and soak mix) a foot toy and safe shreddable toy. ​ Last updated: 5th December 2023 ​ green cheeked conures Handraising Now: SFV Turquoise Opaline: 3 available (all girls) SFV Turquoise Pineapple: 2 available (girl) High Red Pineapple: 4 Available (either gender, awaiting DNA results) ​ Sorry, now all sold: DFV Turquoise DFV Turquoise Opaline DFV Turquoise Cinnamon DFV Turquoise Pineapple SFV Turquoise SFV Turquoise Cinnamon ​ Pricing: SF Violet Turquoise variations: $600 DF Violet Turquoise variations: $1000 High Red Pineapples: from $350-500, depending on colouration. ​ quakers Why settle for a regular blue or green, when you can have a quaker in a unique colour? Ready Now: ​​​ Cobalt Pallid girl $1200 *Rare colour* Hatched February 2023 Blue Pallid boy $800 Hatched November 2022 ​ Raising Now: Cobalt $550 (DNA pending, hatched late October) Olive Opaline $1200 hen (hatched late October) Dark Green Pallid $1200 (DNA pending, hatched late October) Olive $800 (DNA pending, hatched mid November) Blue $450 (DNA pending, hatched mid November) Green $450 (DNA pending, hatched mid November) Cobalt Opaline $1200 (DNA pending, hatched mid November) ​ Click here to check out our chart showing the different colours. ​ Rosa Bourke's Parrots Now taking deposits for 2023/2024 babies in Rosa (opaline) and Cream (fallow). Jump on our waiting list here.

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Blog Posts (6)

  • 2023: Let's go!

    Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated the blog, I’m so sorry! WOW it is breeding season again! Feels like I haven’t even really had much of a break to be honest, but the birdies certainly feel quite differently. Lots of hormones going on with the nest boxes going in over the last few weeks. Bring on spring! KEMPSEY AUCTION IN NSW We are proud to announce we will be attending the first Mid North Coast Avicultural Society’s ‘Fly into Spring’ Bird Auction on Sunday the 24th of September, 2023 in Kempsey NSW. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some awesome breeding pairs, save on freight costs and have a chat. We will have a fair few of our past season babies up for sale, so if you are interested in wetting your feet with mutation quaker breeding and want to have access to genetic support, please come and say hi! The auction will operate under the ‘bid card’ system, and you will be able to walk through and view all the birds before the auction starts at 10:30am. To see what quakers we are taking with us, click here: NEW SPECIES ALERT: BOURKE’S PARROTS We are thrilled to have the chance to handraise some gorgeous little Bourke’s parrots this season, in two colours Rosa (opaline) and Cream (fallow). Bourke’s make such great, placid companion parrots in such gorgeous pinks and yellow hues. Their page on the website is in progress! Stay tuned 😁 COLOURS WE HAVE PLANNED FOR THIS YEAR Since we specialise in the less common mutations in both the conures and quakers, it is going to be an exciting season seeing what mutations end up being produced this year. In the green cheeks, we will of course still have our gorgeous single and double factor violets in turquoise combinations (straight, opaline, cinnamon and pineapple), plus the high red pineapples. In the quakers, we are able to produce a whopping 38 different colour combos this season! Of course, there is no guarantee to produce all of them but it certainly makes for a fun wait for those feathers to pop through 😁. There should be plenty of colours to choose from out of our normals, opalines, pallids, pallidinos and inos. Check out our comprehensive colour charts for each species by clicking the buttons below: THINKING OF A NEW FAMILY MEMBER THIS YEAR? Getting a new bird can be a really daunting but exciting experience, and you might be wondering if it is the right time or decision to purchase one. And that’s okay! Take a few minutes to read this article about the realities of owning a parrot. Deposits are now open also to secure your spot for a particular colour you had your eye on, you can flick me an email or give me a call on 0423 470 041. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold a bub for you until it is ready, and will send a receipt confirming your payment has been received. You will be updated at every stage and get plenty of baby pictures while they grow so we can work out the best fit for you and your family. To find out more about buying a bird from us and what is included with your new feathered family member, you can read about it here. AVAILABLE HANDRAISED QUAKERS As of 15/9/23, we have just a few playful quakers left from last season, if you were looking for a bub. Here’s what we have left: 🦜Cobalt Pallid girl 🦜Mauve boy 🦜Blue Pallid boy We have some more exciting updates coming shortly, watch this space! Until next time,

  • the end of another season

    As the weather starts to cool off after a pretty mild Queensland summer, I'm looking forward to a few short months respite following the chaotic hubbub of another breeding season. It's always a joy to raise these gorgeous little feathered faces, and meet so many new clients and wonderful people to take care of them. The last few clutches are being raised now, so if you were still wanting to add a new family member we have just a handful left: (as of 22/2/22) Green Cheeks: Green Pineapple Hen (higher red) Green Single Factor Violet Turquoise Opaline (yellowsided) - awaiting DNA results Turquoise Opaline (yellowsided) - awaiting DNA results Double Factor Violet Green Opaline Cock Quakers: Blue hens Thank you to everyone I've met over the past 6 months, its been such a pleasure to get to know so many new families and match birds to you. Until next time,

  • October Update

    Happy Spooky Season! 👻👻👻👻 I hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful rain we've been blessed with the last few days. I know my young kids have appreciated the muddy puddles more than I appreciated the mess to clean up! It has been another busy month here, with two clutches of green cheeks, a couple of bourkes parrots and a gorgeous baby quaker baby which weighed a whopping 3.5g at hatch. In the incubator we have a few clutches of quaker eggs developing well; we even got to see the heartbeat in one and the umbilical cord in another! VIOLET & TURQUOISE GREEN CHEEKS Our first clutch of green cheeked conures for 2020/21 ended up with three sf violet turquoise pineapples, three turquoise pineapples and one sf violet turquoise. As of 26/10, all are sold except one violet. GREEN PINEAPPLES We now have a clutch of four high red green pineapples, with a gorgeous amount of orange and red from the belly all the way to the cheeks. They are growing well and are roughly 3-4 weeks old. (26/10: Three available) COMING UP Out in the nests, we have one pair on a clutch of four pineapple babies, and another two on eggs, which will give us our violets and non-violets in green and turquoise pineapple again. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, send us a message and we will be more than happy to chat to you :) OUR LATEST ARTICLE Thinking of getting a new family member, and not sure if a parrot would be suited to your family? Check out our new article: Is A Parrot The Right Pet For You? For daily updates and pictures head on over to our Facebook Page! Until next time,

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