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October Update

Happy Spooky Season! 👻👻👻👻

I hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful rain we've been blessed with the last few days. I know my young kids have appreciated the muddy puddles more than I appreciated the mess to clean up!

It has been another busy month here, with two clutches of green cheeks, a couple of bourkes parrots and a gorgeous baby quaker baby which weighed a whopping 3.5g at hatch.

In the incubator we have a few clutches of quaker eggs developing well; we even got to see the heartbeat in one and the umbilical cord in another!


Our first clutch of green cheeked conures for 2020/21 ended up with three sf violet turquoise pineapples, three turquoise pineapples and one sf violet turquoise.

As of 26/10, all are sold except one violet.

SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple (CDMA 23) taken without flash
SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple (CDMA 24) taken without flash
SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple (CDMA 24) taken with flash


We now have a clutch of four high red green pineapples, with a gorgeous amount of orange and red from the belly all the way to the cheeks. They are growing well and are roughly 3-4 weeks old. (26/10: Three available)



Out in the nests, we have one pair on a clutch of four pineapple babies, and another two on eggs, which will give us our violets and non-violets in green and turquoise pineapple again. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, send us a message and we will be more than happy to chat to you :)



Thinking of getting a new family member, and not sure if a parrot would be suited to your family? Check out our new article: Is A Parrot The Right Pet For You?

For daily updates and pictures head on over to our Facebook Page!

Until next time,


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