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What birds do you breed?

We breed green-cheeked conures, quakers and Bourke's parrots in many different mutations. We are always researching and educating ourselves about other species of parrots, so different birds might join us in the future!

Where are you located?

You can find us approximately 1 hour west of Brisbane, in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland.

Are your birds handraised?

We breed both handraised and aviary birds, and specialise in producing high quality companion parrots in less common colours.

What is included when I purchase a handraised bird?

The price for your new family member includes: your new bird, DNA sexing certificate, closed leg band with unique identifier, care information booklet, three samples of their regular food to make the transition easier (pellet mix, soaked seed mix, sprout mix), a safe shreddable toy and foot toy. Each purchase with us gives you lifetime support so you can rest assured help is here if you need it.

What should I bring when I come to pick up my bird?

You will need to bring your travel cage with a suitable perch and food and water dishes. Please do not bring a box, we will not let your bird leave without a proper crate or cage. If you have not paid in full prior to your appointment, please bring cash and ensure your crate is clean and disinfected. Travel cages are also available for purchase from $20.00.

How can I pay for my new bird?

We prefer cash at the time of purchase, or alternatively a deposit via bank transfer. All deposits are non-refundable, and a $100 deposit is required to hold birds prior to weaning, or to ensure your space on our waiting list. Please note we do not accept bank transfer of the final balance on pickup day as it is not guaranteed to be cleared the same day. No birds will be released without balance paid in full.

Do you offer payment plans?

We don't offer AfterPay/ZipPay and the like, but we do allow you to pay off the balance of your bird in increments as we are raising them for you. With each payment, we will send you through a receipt as confirmation it has reached our account, and to help keep track of the balance owing. No birds will be released without balance paid in full.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, we believe our pricing is quite reasonable. Prices fluctuate due to market value, colouring/mutation and species.

Do you send birds via freight?

Yes, we use Virgin Air Freight to ensure your parrot/s get to you quickly and safely. Pricing to send one parrot in a single compartment freight box starts at $180-190 (single) or $200-250 (double) to most capital city airports. Our price includes not only the freight price itself, but the cost of the box and an allowance for tolls and fuel. If your bird comes with a care package, this will be sent separately through Australia Post.
For multiple pairs, please contact us for a pricing quote, as we can tape multiple freight boxes together. 

Can I buy a bird that is unweaned and feed it myself?

No. We only sell our baby birds once they are confidently weaned and feeding themselves successfully. The sale of juvenile birds to owners without proper experience and knowledge is extremely dangerous for young birds, and can even be fatal. To read more on why, click here.

What happens when my circumstances change and I can longer care for my bird? Can I return it to you?

Yes, all purchases come with our Lifetime Return and Support Guarantee. Please note we do not pay for returned birds.

Why does my new bird have a leg ring?

We add a closed (welded shut, unable to be removed without being cut off) with a unique identifier to ensure that DNA results are correctly attributed to the right bird, for our records and tracing of genetics and also as a secondary identification of ownership. Our birds are rung with custom bands initialled "CDMA" (Camille Dammasch Maranatha Aviaries) followed by a unique number. This number will correspond to the number on your DNA certificate, and the band should be retained if removed. 

There have been cases where leg rings have caused injury to parrots by getting caught, or chewed/clamped tight cutting off circulation. It is up to your discretion whether to keep their band on or have it removed by the vet at their annual health check-up.

I lost my DNA sexing certificate? Can I get another copy?

Yes, of course. Send us an email with your details and we can resend a soft copy at our earliest convenience. 

Are you a member of a bird club?

Yes! We are financial members of the Parrot Society of Australia and the Queensland Bird Breeders Association. 

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