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aviary birds
for sale

We specialise in premium colour mutations for both breeding purposes and hand raised companions.


Our aviary birds are either DNA or nest sexed and come with DNA certificate if applicable, information on genetic parentage, known and possible splits and any available breeding history.


Viewing of birds is by appointment only, which can be made through our contact page, Facebook page or calling 0423 470 041All prices are subject to change at our discretion, dependant on availability and market pricing, and our prices are non-negotiable with the exception of multiple pairs.

Freight is available to most major airports via Virgin Australia and Qantas (regional), to read more about what is involved in air freighting, read here.

Where You Can Find Us: BIRD SALES

We are planning to attend the following sales for 2023:​​


The Mid North Coast Avicultural Society is hosting the first bird auction for their club on the 24th September, 2023 at the Kempsey Macleay Pensioners Hall, Clyde Street, Kempsey. Public viewing starts at 9:45am Sunday morning, with the auction commencing at 10:30am. The auction will operate under the bid card system, and current drivers licence is to be sighted upon buyer registration. No buyers premium is added to the sale price, No birds will be delivered to purchasers unless full payment receipt is sighted by the MNCAS Marshall. All purchasers are to supply/bring their own transport cages. ATMs are within walking distance, none will be at the venue. For more information, contact Mark Haywood on 0437 286 494

  • Beenleigh Bird Breeders Sale, Sunday 5th November 2023. Community Hall, Fryar Road, Eagleby QLD. 9:30-12pm. $2 entry.


Last Updated: 6th September 2023

green cheeked conures

2020 SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple Hen (proven breeder) $450. 

Breeding history and DNA certificate available. 

  • 2019 Cobalt / Opaline cock x 2022 Green Opaline / Blue hen​​​​

Bonded but not proven. Cock proven with different hen, lineage has produced opalines. DNA certificate available for hen and breeding history for cock. 

Breed 8 colours: 4 colours of visual opalines and 4 colours of visual normals (males splits) in both sexes.

  • 2022 Green / ino / Blue cock x 2022 Blue Pallid hen

Bonded but not proven. Mating, working a box already. Both DNA sexed. 

Breed 6 colours: albinos, lutinos, green and blue pallidinos, and green and blue normals.

  • 2022 Cobalt / Pallid / possible Opaline x 2022 Dark Green Pallid / possible Blue 

Bonded but not proven. Chose each other in holding cage. Both DNA sexed. 

Breed at least 6 colours, up to 24 colours if both proven splits.

  • 2022 Cobalt Pallid x 2022 Dark Green / possible Blue 

Not bonded, not proven. Good genetic pairing. Both DNA sexed. 

Breed at least 6 colours, up to 12 colours if proven split.

  • 2022 Green Pallidino / Blue x 2022 Cobalt

Not bonded, not proven. Good genetic pairing. Both DNA sexed. 

Breed 10 colours. Great mix for selling offspring as hand reared pets. 

  • 2022 Blue Opaline cock

DNA sexed. Bred from split and visual opaline pair.

  • 2022 Blue / Pallid / Opaline cock

Definite double split. Bred from pallid cock and opaline hen. Nest sexed.

  • 2022 Cobalt Pallid cock

DNA sexed. Bred from split and visual pallid pair. 

  • 2022 Dark Green Pallid / possible Blue

DNA sexed. Bred from green series split and visual pallid pair.



  • Blue / Pallid cock

  • Dark Green / Pallid / Blue (proven breeder) cock

2022 Cocks

  • Cobalt Pallid*

  • Green / Pallid 

  • Blue Opaline*

  • Cobalt / Pallid / poss Opaline 

  • Blue / Pallid / Opaline*

  • Cobalt / Pallid

  • Cobalt / ino

2022 Hens

  • Dark Green / poss Blue*

  • Dark Green Pallid*

  • Cobalt*

  • Blue Pallid*

*= available at Kempsey Auction 24/9/23 (see above)

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