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aviary birds
for sale

We specialise in premium colour mutations for both breeding purposes and hand raised companions.


Our aviary birds are either DNA or nest sexed and come with DNA certificate if applicable, information on genetic parentage, known and possible splits and any available breeding history.


Viewing of birds is by appointment only, which can be made through our contact page, Facebook page or calling 0423 470 041All prices are subject to change at our discretion, dependant on availability and market pricing, and our prices are non-negotiable with the exception of multiple pairs.

Freight is available to most major airports via Virgin Australia and Qantas (regional), to read more about what is involved in air freighting, read here.

Where You Can Find Us: BIRD SALES

We are too busy raising babies to get out and about at this time. See you in the new year!


Last Updated: 22nd December 2023

green cheeked conures

​Available Now:

  • 2020 SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple Hen (proven breeder) $450

Breeding history and DNA certificate available. 

  • 2019 SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple Hen (proven breeder) $450

Breeding history and DNA certificate available. 

  • 2021 SF Violet Turquoise Opaline / Cinnamon cock. $450​​

Related to two SFVTP hens above. Can pair with 2023 SFVTOp below.

  • 2022 High Red Pineapple hen $250

  • 2019 Green Opaline / Turquoise cock $200 

Can pair with high red pineapple. 

Available later in the season:

  • 2023 SF Violet Turquoise Opaline hens x2, currently being parent raised. $450 each. 

Can make unrelated pairs. 

  • 2019 DF Violet Turquoise Opaline cock and Turquoise hen (estimated 2-3 year old) $1000

Great parents, babies are beautiful colouring and temperament for handraising as companions. Raising two babies (above) perfectly and usually double clutch. Will produce all single factor violet babies, and be able to nest sex boys and girls by colour. 



  • 2019 Cobalt / Opaline cock x 2022 Green Opaline / Blue hen​​​​ $1800

Bonded but not proven. Cock proven with different hen, lineage has produced opalines. DNA certificate available for hen and breeding history for cock. 

Breed 8 colours: 4 colours of visual opalines and 4 colours of visual normals (males splits) in both sexes.

  • 2022 Green / ino / Blue cock x 2022 Blue Pallid hen $1200

Proven and raising their second clutch this season.

Breed 6 colours: albinos, lutinos, green and blue pallidinos, and green and blue normals.​

  • 2022 Green Pallidino / Blue x 2022 Cobalt $1500

Bonding and in the same cage together, not proven. Hen DNA sexed with certificate, cockbird is pallidino so definite male. 

Breed 10 colours. Great mix for selling offspring as hand reared pets. 



  • Blue / Pallid cock

  • Dark Green / Pallid / Blue (proven breeder) cock

2022 Cocks

  • Cobalt Pallid

  • Green / Pallid / Blue 

  • Blue Opaline

  • Cobalt / Pallid / poss Opaline 

  • Blue / Pallid / Opaline

  • Cobalt / Pallid

  • Cobalt / ino

2022 Hens

  • Dark Green / poss Blue

  • Dark Green Pallid / poss Blue 

  • Green Pallid / poss Blue 

Cobalt, DG Pallid, C PalliD
Cobalt Green Opaline
Green Blue Opaline
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