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I've owned a few birds through the years, but none as well socialised, friendly, and healthy as my current boy! I wouldn't go anywhere else when I'm looking to get another friend. Very helpful and Camille keeps you up to date with how your bird is going along the way. From day one Ríkr preferred to be on my shoulder instead of hiding in his new home, and flies to everyone in the house!

Caitlyn - January 2023 (Facebook)

I’m so thankful for the incredibly competent and generous way Camille has bred and raised my green cheeked conure Theodore. I stumbled across Maranatha Aviaries on Facebook and am so glad I did! I could not be more delighted and impressed! Theodore is strong and vibrantly healthy, confident, engaged in life and eager to experience and learn new things. He was fully weaned, readily eats a good variety of healthy foods, readily bathes, plays, flies to and interacts easily with all family members and has been allowed to develop exceptional flying skills. So much time, thought, dedication and sheer hard work has been put in to raise this quality bird. Camille also chose a conure for us whose personality suited our family environment and she matched him perfectly. I am thoroughly impressed and would recommend to anyone considering Maranatha Aviaries to feel completely confident in Camille’s expertise and thorough dedication to her birds.

Also, I live interstate and the freighting process was easily managed. Camille organised everything and Theodore handled the travel extremely well.

I’m a 100% happy customer ! We love him! Thank you Camille!

Deborah - January 2023 (Facebook)

I got a baby green cheek Conure from Maranatha Aviaries and omg!!! This little bird is so well adjusted, super friendly, easy to handle and actually wanted to hang out with me from day one. Camille was so lovely to interact with, she showed me around when I came out to meet my baby and was more than happy to answer any of my dumb questions! She has also been amazing since my baby came home, messaging multiple times to check in on how she was settling in and even remembering her name which just shows how much love she puts into these babies and making sure they get the best care 🧡Absolutely phenomenal!

Liana - January 2023 (Facebook)


We highly recommend Marantha Aviaries for beautiful hand raised and breeding GC conures! We now own 4 of her absolutely stunning birds! Camille is an amazing breeder who obviously loves her birds and is committed to raising top quality birds for pets or breeding. The colours are phenomenal. Her knowledge and communication is outstanding and she really goes above and beyond! 😁

Jennifer - December 2022 (Facebook)


Would very highly recommend Maranatha Aviaries after purchasing our sweet little Cherry, her personality is wonderful, kind, happy, snuggly little thing and her colours are amazing. We researched for a long time and we just knew Camille would have the bird for us. I don’t think I could go elsewhere for a conure after our wonderful experience with Camille at Maranatha Aviaries. Highly recommend 🍒

Kymberley - October 2022 (Facebook)

I've just had a new little addition to the family in the form of my playful little conure, Melon. I must say that I'm beyond impressed with the quality of the bird, and how responsive to training/learning he is at such a young age (11 weeks). The effort and care given to him while being hand-reared is very obvious and I'm very thankful to have chosen Maranatha Aviaries for not only incredibly affordable, exotic conures, but for the amazing character and personality these lovely birds have. 100% coming back for another conure as soon as I make a decision as to what one I want! 😊

Joshua - October 2022 (Facebook)

I recently bought a breeding pair of conures and I am so happy with my experience at Maranatha Aviaries, not only was the pricing very reasonable Camille was so helpful especially since it was my first time freighting birds so I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what to expect you made it so easy to be able to do and were very helpful and nice to speak with. I’m so impressed with the birds they always come up for kisses through the mesh and started saying what you doing you can tell they have been very looked after at Camille’s and I can’t wait for them to breed and hand raise their babies they love their fruit and veg especially apple and are full of so much personality you are an amazing breeder I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know I look forward to dealing with you in the future 😊

Chicago - August 2022 (Facebook) 

I highly recommend Maranatha Aviaries to anyone who is looking for a new bird to join their family. Last year My partner and I adopted our beautiful Mako, a SF Violet Turquoise GCC from Maranatha Aviaries and we love him so much. He was very trusting towards us from the start in fact Mako rolled over and fell asleep in our hands the very first night we got him. He has a very big character and can be very funny. He loves to give kisses and cuddles and even though he is bonded to our other bird he is still very affectionate to both me and my boyfriend.

He was already introduced to veggies and good quality pellets when I got him and even came with a sample of the food he was on allowing me to comfortably wean him onto my pellets.

Camille, the owner of Maranatha Aviaries is a lovey and knowledgeable lady. She is always happy to have a chat with me and answer any questions I might have on my birds. She loves hearing how Mako is going as she cares a lot about the birds she breeds.

Don’t hesitate to give her a message I promise you won’t be disappointed. Camille puts her heart into what she does and every bird from Maranatha Aviaries reflex that.

Rhiarn - July 2022 (Facebook)

We can’t thank Camille at Maranatha Aviaries enough for our feathered baby.

Our daughter had her heart set on a blue Quaker and after finding Camille’s website I new we had found it!

Her professional approach, extensive knowledge and communication is outstanding.

We were specifically searching for a hand raised Quaker & that’s exactly what we have.

Our 10yo has her very own best friend that she loves more than anything. From the moment we bought her home she settled in right away. Luna loves all the cuddles she can get and more. She happily sits on the lounge and snuggles right in, loves to smooch and happily talks away with new words all the time.

Thank you so much for our Luna!

100% recommend Maranatha Aviaries for your feathered baby

Bettina - July 2022 (Facebook)

I will be forever grateful for Camille at Maranatha Aviaries for her professional approach, kind heart and amazing handraised birds. I had long given up my search for a Green Cheek Conure but Camille gave me hope back and I have since found my feather baby. He is perfect in every way for me and my family! Camille exposes her birds to everyday noises with a family and due to this my Conure transitioned very nicely into my home with other pets, children and daily noises even after a flight to get here. I could go on forever about how grateful I am because I feel I got my dream bird. He's healthy, beautiful and got spunk!! So thank you from the bottom of my Camille. 100% recommend Maranatha Aviaries.

Pam - April 2022 (Facebook)

Got to meet the gorgeous baby birds. It's great to have an interactive experience with a prospective pet. Camille is lovely and will answer any questions you have. She clearly raises her birds with lots of love.

Bri - March 2022 (Google)

Camille is an amazing lady who breeds birds to a high standard of colours and temperament. Our beautiful little girl Zena (Double Factor Violet Opaline Conure) is amazingly affectionate, playful and so sweet to have in our home as a family pet. She has also, based on temperament, bonded with our 1 year old male Green Cheek Conure from day one. Zena came DNA sexed which was terrific as we wanted a girl for our little boy and so many toys were given to us too in a care pack that Camille had prepared for us on pick up. Camille and her family were very welcoming and the children spend so much time with the baby birds which helps their beautiful nature.

By picking up Zena directly from Camille, we were able to meet the other baby birds, Zena’s parents and the meticulous aviaries on display with her breeding pairs. There was also a dedicated bird room temperature controlled for all the babies, where Camille works tirelessly tending to the needs of these little angels. A very professional and caring set up. From the time of first contact to purchase a bird, Camille kept me informed of the birds progress, posting photos and sending messages of the babies growing up, feeding and playing.

I could not recommend Maranatha Aviaries highly enough for a precious new family bird. Thanks Camille, our little Zena has touched our hearts like no other 💗

Susan - January 2022 (Facebook)


I am convinced I brought home an actual angel home last November from Camille at Maranatha Aviaries. My little “Beast Boy” Gar the Conure has been the biggest sweetheart since the day I brought him home, where he fell asleep on my shoulder and hasnt left it since. Having owned conures in the past and sorely missing a companion, I sought out a breeder who specialises in the species. I was ecstatic when I had found Maranatha Aviaries, with their website full of images of the large variety of mutations they had to offer and the large collection of information on how to care for them. The whole process from start to finish was phenomenal. Camille was very responsive, informative and patient with all my questions, and kept me updated the whole way, including plenty of pictures! When it was time to pick my baby up, I got to visit the professionally set up bird room where he and his siblings were being hand-raised by Camille and her family. Spending time with the birds made it very clear that they had been treated and loved with the upmost care. Camille makes sure that the owner is just as much as suitable for the bird as the bird for the owner. To top it off, we left with a care package in hand, including a care booklet and DNA sex certificate, and some goodies to ensure a smooth transition. Maranatha Aviaries holds the passion and professional standard that all aviary breeders should aspire to uphold. I could not recommend them enough. Thank you Marantha Aviaries for my new best friend.💙

Sarah - January 2022 (Facebook)

Beautiful birds!!

Caroline - May 2021 (Google) 

I bought my beautiful little pineapple, Rowdy, from Maranatha Aviaries at the end of 2020. Camille was wonderful, very knowledgeable, able to answer all my questions about his breeding and management since hatching. Rowdy had a great start from Camille, early handling and attention from her whole family. He is still a cuddly, lovely, well socialized little bird that I love to pieces! Thanks Camille 💜

Shani - April 2021 (Facebook)

We got our Quaker Parrot Scout from Maranatha Aviaires and she is the sweetest bird - she settled in so quickly and has a sweet nature. Camille was so helpful and easy to communicate with - highly recommend 😊

Brooke - March 2021 (Facebook)

Apologies Camille for taking so long in uploading our experience with Maranatha Aviaries. Thought waiting a short period to advise on the transition of “Mochi”.

So to all you bird lovers we recently (back in October/November 2020) contacted Maranatha Aviaries wishing to add to another conure to keep “Kimchi” company with our potential return to work during this unusual year of WFH. My concern was introducing another bird into the household where relationships were well established with all household members (includes feathered family members). Camille provided excellent advice and experience reassuring my concerns and guided us on some introduction strategies.

Service and advise was excellent and accurate. Nice 😃

Mochi and Kimchi have assimilated (ahhh star trek - borg nerd.......) wonderfully and within really just a few hours we felt comfortable that the process would work. We took time and monitored there activities over a few weeks. Both birds live outside the cage and only sleep at night in their cage. They now live happily here on Mount Tamborine sometimes getting into mischief.

Thank you Camille for all your advice and excellent service in our purchase of Mochi.

I can highly recommended Maranatha Aviaries to any bird lovers.

Cheers TW

Tony - December 2020 (Facebook)

I can't recommend Camille and her feathered babies enough! Have had my new addition, Phoebe; a violet turquoise pineapple GCC for just over a week and she is amazing! Thanks to Camille's brilliant job with hand raising, she has settled into our crazy home with two other birds and two large dogs without any issues and has proven to be extremely confident with all aspects of normal house life. Additionally, Camille has been extremely helpful and accommodating, answering all of my questions and has been very patient with my over excitement. 😂 If you're looking for a new friend to add to your flock, you can't go wrong with Camille and Maranatha Aviaries.

Taylor - November 2020 (Facebook)

I got my little girl from Maranatha Aviaries and she is exactly what I wanted, plus more. I already had a little boy and Skittles ran the household until she came along. He told my dogs what to do, he told my friends what to do, he told my mum what to do and he even tried being friends with my blue tongue skink, if he succeeded he would have told her what to do too. When I brought Lolly home, she was a little timid at first, but I knew it was love as soon as she saw Skittles. Long story short, we have our lives back and Skittles has a girlfriend, Lolly 💜💙💚💛🧡💗

Jess - November 2020 (Facebook)


I was lucky to be able to take home one of Camille's beautiful conures. She did such an amazing job raising Peri, we are absolutely in love. Peri is such a fun little cheeky bird, loves to be a ratbag and stir up the other birds, but he also loves his cuddle time with us. 🥰

Highly recommend Maranatha Aviaries! 💞

Emma - November 2020 (Facebook)

I can't recommend Camille and her feathered babies enough! Have had my new addition, Phoebe; a violet turquoise pineapple GCC for just over a week and she is amazing! Thanks to Camille's brilliant job with hand raising, she has settled into our crazy home with two other birds and two large dogs without any issues and has proven to be extremely confident with all aspects of normal house life. Additionally, Camille has been extremely helpful and accommodating, answering all of my questions and has been very patient with my over excitement. 😂 If you're looking for a new friend to add to your flock, you can't go wrong with Camille and Maranatha Aviaries. 😍

Taylor - November 2020 (Facebook)

I could not recommend Maranatha Aviaries more highly...... Not only did I get the most beautiful pineapple/turq/violet bird but also gained a good friend. These birds are handraised not just handfeed (there is a big difference); they are part of the family and are fully integrated. My baby settled immediately when I got her home and she has the most beautiful all be it sometimes sassy personality! I think this shows what a wonderful job Camille does..... And she has violets!!!! That are super gorgeous!!!!! The only recommendation I can say is get on that waiting list so you can get one (or many) of her special babies!!!!

Crystal - April 2020( Facebook)

Camille is amazing with all birds and her hand raised conures are so friendly! She takes great pride in ensuring you go home with the right bird for your family. I would highly recommend Maranatha Aviaries if you’re looking for a beautiful conure to join your family!

Susanne - January 2020 (Facebook)

Got Merlin just before Christmas and couldn't ask for a better, cuter nutcase of a pal 😂 Love my little dinosaur son. Fanks, Camille

Kayla - January 2020 (Facebook)

Hi bird lovers, picked up our new baby Conure - 'Louie' late Dec' 19. Really pleased with his beautiful playful temperament and Camille was so helpful and a pleasure to deal with, it is lovely to see she takes pride in her breeding and really cares where her babies go. It was so nice to have a tame well adjusted baby Conure as I had to tame my first one and it took a lot of patience and time. Chico is loving her new friend Louie and we love him dearly too such a joy, thank you Camille! 🥰
I highly recommend this breeder.

Sharon - January 2020 (Facebook)

I got a male conure off Camille 3 days ago and he is a pleasure. Ringo is confident, friendly and affectionate. The perfect parrot pet for a family 🦜💙

Kat - January 2019 (Facebook)

My daughters are totally in love with the two new Green Cheeked Conure's we recieved today from Maranatha Aviaries. They are so tame, they even love my dog who adores them. They are so fun to watch and have the most beautiful colours. Thank you so much <3

Stacey - December 2018 (Facebook)

Camille and her very well hand-raised babies are so amazing! She brought them right to my door so I could meet them all and so my existing conure girl and I could pick out a friend/sister for her - DNA sexed and brought to my door for an amazingly great price! I fully recommend! We chose the gorgeous little Pineapple girl and named her Poppy - she is so sweet and funny and playful and cheeky! Already in love with her 😍

Thank you so much Camille - you have made another crazy bird lady friend for life! Five Stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🤩

Nikki - December 2018 (Facebook)

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