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Welcome! And July Update

Hi! We are so glad you are here! Let me take this moment to introduce myself; I'm Camille, mum of two little kids (aka noise covered in dirt) and a parrot lover through and through! I've been hangin' out with birds since my first cockatiel at the tender age of 3 years old, and my knowledge has grown exponentially since. We are located in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, about 60 minutes west of Brisbane and 40 minutes east of Toowoomba.

My best pal, Georgie!

What 2020 Will Have In Store

This coming season has brought many changes, and I couldn't be more thrilled for the weather to warm up again. We have upgraded our aviaries, upgraded our hand-rearing station, streamlined our processes and added 12 new breeding pairs of parrots.

More Conures The last few years we have had our beloved green-cheeked conures in opaline and opaline-pallid (commonly known as pineapple). Now we have added parblue (also known as turquoise) and violet in green and parblue as well, which expands our variety immensely. All going well, we will be able to provide companions in:

DF Violet Turquoise Parblue Opaline Yellowsided Green Cheeked Conure
DF Violet Parblue Opaline
  • green opaline-pallid

  • parblue

  • parblue opaline

  • parblue opaline-pallid

  • violet green pallid

  • violet parblue pallid

  • violet green opaline-pallid

  • violet parblue opaline-pallid

  • violet parblue

  • violet parblue opaline

*Correct genetic terminology used above. The current market has some mutations named incorrectly. The common names given to these colours are: opaline as 'yellowsided', pallid as 'cinnamon', parblue (partial blue) as 'turquoise', opaline-pallid as 'pineapple'.

Crazy Quakers! These are a brand new addition to our Aviaries and have so much potential in producing some amazingly uncommon colours in Pallid and Dark Factor. Do you want a quaker in a colour none of your friends have? We will have it this year for you 😍 Again, all going well we should have quakers in:

Green Pallid and Dark Green Quaker | Maranatha Aviaries
L: Green Pallid hen R: Dark Green / Pallid cock
  • green

  • green pallid

  • dark green

  • dark green pallid

  • blue

  • blue pallid

  • cobalt

  • cobalt pallid

  • albino*

  • blue pallidino*

*Pending testing of splits this season

Corellas Last but not least, our gorgeous mature pair of little corellas has joined us from Feathered Friends Brisbane. They are the most affectionate, hilarious head-bobbing pair of angels and I can't wait to see how they go this season.

July Update

As of the end of July, we are preparing for the coming season. The birds are getting increased fresh portions, as well as the addition of sprouts and super nutritious things like beetroot, hemp seeds and more sunflower to keep the weight on over winter. A few pairs have been actively mating, others have been interested in the nest box. We plan to have conure babies hatching from the end of September and into October, and the quakers closer to Christmas.

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Until next time,


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