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is a parrot the right pet for you?

Maybe you saw a cute bird at a pet shop, or in a video, and you were wowed by its gorgeous colours and playful demeanor. Or maybe you have met a bird of someone elses' and decided you wanted one of that species, too. However, each bird is an individual, and they often differ in quality from breeder to breeder, so know that you may not get a bird that behaves the same way as another without significant effort and training on your part, if at all.

Are you able to cope with being bitten?  One thing that is common among all parrots is that they all bite. It is unreasonable to assume that you will never get bitten by your parrot, and new owners need to understand that they will at some point get bitten by their bird no matter how tame they are. Oftentimes owners misread the body language and miss subtle clues that indicate that the parrot is feeling threatened, is upset, in pain, or just not liking the situation. We may be intimidated by the size of their beak, and this is relayed to the bird causing fear induced behaviours like biting.


Parrots are often considered 'starter' pets, especially for kids. There are many misconceptions when it comes to correctly managing a parrots' physical and mental health, and it can sometimes lead to impulse purchases without understanding the whole scope of their care. Are you thinking of adding a new feathered member to your family? Take some time to consider the following points to help you make an educated decision: 

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