Our birds

We take great pride in providing high quality, companion parrots for all ages and the exception support and guidance you need. Viewing of birds is by appointment only, which can be made through our contact page, Facebook page or calling 0423 470 041.

We breed conures and quakers for both pets and aviary breeding, and specialise in premium colour mutations.


If you are looking bird which is not yet available, subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when birds become available, or visit our facebook page for up to date pictures and updates. 

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required per bird to secure your bird prior to weaning. You will be supplied with a receipt as proof of payment. The remainder of the balance is required before the bird goes home. All prices subject to change at our discretion, dependant on availability and market pricing, however a quoted price is locked in from the time of deposit and will not increase.


We do not sell any unweaned or juvenile birds, and our prices are non-negotiable with the exception of multiple pairs.

Yes, we freight to most major airports via Virgin Australia, to read more about what is involved in air freighting, read here.

Last Updated 12/10/22

handraised birds

All our birds are handraised in a loving family home and are well adjusted to busy households.

Handraised babies are sold DNA tested, closed leg banded and come with an information pack including certificates, care information brochure, sample of food and safe toy.


2x Green Cinnamon MALES 

Ready NOW



Hatching now, watch this space!

  • SF Violet Turquoise 

  • DF Violet Turquoise

  • SF Violet Turquoise Cinnamon

  • DF Violet Turquoise Cinnamon

  • SF Violet Turquoise Opaline 

  • DF Violet Turquoise Opaline

  • SF Violet Turquoise Pineapple

  • DF Violet Turquoise Pineapple

  • SF Violet Green Opaline

Prices start at $400


Hatching soon, watch this space!

  • Green 

  • Blue 

  • Dark Green 

  • Cobalt

  • Olive

  • Mauve

  • Green Pallid 

  • Blue Pallid 

  • Dark Green Pallid

  • Cobalt Pallid

  • Olive Pallid

  • Mauve Pallid 

  • Blue Opaline

  • Cobalt Opaline

  • Mauve Opaline 

  • Splits for pallid, ino and opaline

  • Turquoise combinations

  • Pallidinos 

Prices start at $450


Watch this space!

aviary birds

Aviary birds are either DNA or nest sexed and come with DNA certificate (if applicable), information on genetic parentage, known and possible splits and breeding history (if applicable).


​None currently available, sorry.


Contact for more information.


​None currently available, sorry.